How can I get my hands on a Sitbucket?

You can purchase a Sitbucket or any other premium furniture right here on our website, simply view our online store here. If you’re looking to touch and feel them before you before you buy them, we’re at the Route 44 Market every Saturday and Sunday. You’ll even get to meet me, Gino!

We also sell directly from our factory in Stikland, if you prefer this option, please schedule an appointment.

Where to Buy Options:

  1. Purchase your Sitbuckets online.
  2. Visit our factory in Stikland, if possible, please schedule an appointment.
  3. Visit our stand at the Root44 Market in Somerset West, on Saturdays and Sundays.

Please note limited Sitbuckets and other furniture items are available at each of these locations, thus please contact me directly if you are looking for a specific colour, custom build or large quantity order.