Terms and Conditions for Deliveries, Returns and Online Orders.

Providing your personal details such as your delivery address and contact details on Sitbucket’s website are at your own risk.

Your personal information will be private and secured.

You agree to the use of your personal information for delivery purposes when placing an online order on Sitbucket’s website.

Your online order will be shipped as soon as the full payment reflects in Sitbuckets account. Sitbuckets does not take responsibility damages or losses after your order has been received.

Sitbuckets does not return, refund or exchange any Sitbucket products.

Sitbuckets remains the owner of all online orders until delivered and signature has been obtained from you – the client.

Sitbuckets do not take responsibility for wrongful delivery.

Please ensure that your delivery address is correct and if so, we do assist with the tracking of your delivery.

The delivery of your order depends on the availability of products, such as the leather and wood. This may affect the time of delivery.

The natural marks and scratches on the leather make it unique which guarantees the authenticity of the products.

Leather items may have wrinkles, scars or scratches that are an inherent quality and natural beauty of the hide.

You will hardly ever find a piece of genuine leather that is perfect/scratch free.

By placing and accepting your order online you agree to all the above Terms and Conditions.