How do I look after my Sitbucket?

All hardwoods need to be treated with a wood oil to prevent it from drying out and cracking. Woodoc is a common brand found in all hardware shops and works wonderfully. Linseed oil can also be used. Use a soft dry cloth and a leather conditioner such as a leather balm to keep your product clean and conditioned.

Keep your Sitbucket products, including leather products and outdoor furniture, out of direct sunlight and rainfall, to avoid lightening or darkening the colour of the leather and wood, and to avoid marks and stains.

Products are made with the finest quality materials available. Any irregularities in the colour or in the grain are normal characteristics of natural leather and wood.

Sitbucket products are made from the finest quality materials available, such as high quality genuine leather, high density foam, treated hardwood, galvanised buckets. All irregularities in the colour or grain of the wood and leather are normal characteristics of the wood and leather.

Failing to treat the natural elements of the product will result in damage. Sitbuckets will not be held responsible for any negligence from the consumer.