Online Orders

Online orders can be delivered to your door! Or to any valid address you include in your order summary. We offer free delivery on all our orders of our Sitbuckets. Regretfully, we don’t do overseas deliveries yet.

If you order straight from the factory, we can arrange your delivery accordingly.

If you’re looking for information on our deliveries and returns, please view our terms & conditions page.

Payment Options

PayFast Online Payment Gateway

Online payments are accepted through our online payment service (it’s high-tech and super safe). Once your payment has been received, your order will be packed and be on its way to you.

Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT)

A deposit is payable for email/telephonic orders before production starts. Your proof of payment to be emailed to before production. Once the final amount has been paid your order will be sent to your door.

Debit/Credit Cards

Both are accepted, and all major bank cards are welcome.


We offer SnapScan as a valid payment option. If that’s your thing, we have a QR code for you to scan.

Please note your Sitbucket products purchased at Bellville Furniture and Woodstock has to be paid instore via the store’s payment method.