About Sitbuckets

Find out more about Gino and the vision for Sitbuckets

I am one of the few people that can get excited on a Sunday evening, as playtime is only a few hours away. I have a lot of fun building interesting creations, and the passion I have for the products that I create is reflected in my work.

My dream and end goal is to have a 13 unit lodge and wedding venue on a farm in the mountains. A place where people can enjoy the peace and tranquillity of nature whilst enjoying crafty furniture. Everything will be produced by Sitbuckets and all lodgers will be able to purchase furniture off the floor. The restaurant will get all its food from our organic garden and meat will be aged in our kitchens for guests to choose their favourite cuts.

That’s enough about me. If you’re interested in our products don’t hesitate in adding any of them to the shopping cart. Furthermore, we hope you have an awesome time and I hope you buy loads of Sitbuckets products. Please remember I am always building new furniture! So, please follow @sitbuckets on Instagram and Facebook and we will keep you fresh with what’s trending in the super-fashionable-world of cool furniture design.

Our Products

We have a wide selection of products from the original Sitbuckets and Barbuckets, we’ve expanded our range to various kinds of tables, benches, lamps, door stops, table accessories, and so much more. Each Sitbucket product uses a premium quality durable napa leather with and high-density foam, and stainless steel which can be powder-coated to many different colours. We take pride in the quality of our workmanship and can boast that everything has been finished with exotic hardwood and tender loving care.

Here’s a secret tip, if you’re looking for custom designs that aren’t featured on the website, please contact us and we’ll try our best to make your furniture dreams come true.